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The charger is not pulled out and placed on the socket, which is harmful.

The charger is not pulled out and placed on the socket, which is harmful.

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It is very unscientific to not pull the plug after charging the mobile phone, which consumes power and wastes, and causes huge security risks. In an interview with the media, Nokia Enterprise Information Manager Shen Jian said that after their research, it was found that more than 3/4 of the mobile phone's power consumption was caused by the user not charging the charger after the mobile phone was fully charged. This kind of waste is a big amount of data, because now there are more than 600 million mobile phone users in China, charging every day, and waste is happening every day. This phenomenon should be highly concerned by mobile phone users. It is necessary to develop a good habit of plugging the charger after charging, which saves money for the family and saves resources for the society.

The industry also believes that after charging and charging, the charger plug is not pulled out, and it is easy to cause accidents such as fire and electric shock. After charging, the plug is not pulled out, so that the charger is still in working state, and it is easy to let the charger age, thereby causing safety hazards and even accidents such as fire, explosion, accidental electric shock and the like. It is worth mentioning that many mobile phone users go to work after they have finished charging, or they have no one at home, or only the elderly and children at home. These all increase the possibility of accidents caused by unsafe factors. Bring injury, everyone must use the charger to remember to pull the charger good habits.