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13 years focused on power R&D and manufacturing,and won several national product safety certifications

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Add : Shiyan New Village, Shiyan Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen 5th floor, 140th building

Factory address : Shiyan Dongguan Factory Address: No. 181, Songbailang, Xingzhe Mountain, Dalang Town, Dongguan City 

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Our mission:

Our Mission:To know, to be sincere, to be precise, to achieve the best, to apply what you have learned, to work together harmoniously, to strengthen my country!
Our Aim:We will not let our customers overjoy our company in a short time, and let customers not be disappointed with our company for a long time!
Our Vision:To become a world-class company and become a happy owner!
Our State:Sunshine struggle, free and easy! Our style: humility, professionalism, and good deeds!
Our Team: Especially hard to fight, especially to fight! Meet customer needs, create industry brands,We constantly improve, continuously improve, standardize management, and strive for excellence to meet customer needs.Improve the overall quality of employees, introduce advanced management models,Promote corporate image, build a first-class enterprise, and meet customer needs